What happens when you take a step outside of your comfort zone?

That’s what we investigate in our initiative called Sponsor the Spark.

Science says it stimulates the part of the brain that tackles creativity and problem solutions. And that is useful, not only for the individual, but also for the company in which she works. That sort of work culture, in which you are encouraged to challenge yourself. Because adventure is a state of mind.

That is the reason behind SD Worx sponsorship initiative Sponsor the Spark, where ten employees are trying out an activity of their choosing. An activity they have never done before. Something of a dream and yet a challenge.

The Microadventure Edition

To guide and inspire our brave adventurers on their journeys we have the British National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, Alastair Humphrey to aid us. Alastair has been on daring expeditions around the globe, and today he is an appreciated author, speaker and the founder of Microadventurers.

Microadventures is a way of making adventures accessible to all people. Meaning that an adventure doesn’t have to be skiing down a mountain or living in a cabin in Patagonia. You can still step outside your comfort zone and take on an exciting challenge by doing something smaller. This is exactly what Sponsor the Spark is all about, so it made teaming up with Alastair Humphrey very natural.

And here are the results!

Our adventurers are:

Eveline Hansen
Customer Success Manager, Oslo, Norway
Tina Jonsson
Payroll Analyst, Sundbyberg, Sweden

And the seven brave individuals who skydived:

Tiia Veisberg
Payroll Analyst, Tallinn, Estonia
Joona Lemmetty
Product Development Trainee, Espoo, Finland
Kathrine Krogh
Payroll Consultant, Trondheim, Norway
Kari Marthe Rækstad Hanssen
Application Consultant, Oslo, Norway
Jill Sonelin
Payroll Analyst, Norrköping, Sweden
Camilla Cederborg
Product Owner, Sundbyberg, Sweden
Therese Magnusson
Payroll Specialist, Norrköping, Sweden

Career opportunities

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